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When I filed for divorce, I was fired from my company.

Empowerment. Tell your story. Be real. Be accountable. Be bold. #bethechange Preface: I’m sharing my story in chapters. 1) Everyone keeps telling me to, they say it’s inspiring and helps them. Well, I want to help humans, I love humans, I believe in humans, so yolo, let’s do it. 2) I have directly seen how it inspires and impacts people over and over and over again (this was reinforced even further in Bahrain a couple weeks ago) 3) I want people to stop pretending and to start a movement where we talk about the shit that no one talks about. Stories [...]

Cam Kashani Helps Women Harness Their Power for Growth

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Listen to Cam Discussing Detachment and Failure #startuplife

Launch on Fire Podcast, Kuwait Mission with the US State Department

COACCEL, The Human Accelerator: LA Startup Spotlight – Cam Kashani

WeAreLATech LA Startups Podcast

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**As featured in the LA Tech Digest: “Cameron Kashani Launches COACCEL: The Human Accelerator“**

Personal Testimonials:

“Cam, it was great to have you here in Kuwait. You inspired us at the Embassy to keep thinking like entrepreneurs.” – Douglas Silliman, US Ambassador to the Republic of Iraq

Cameron is one of the most influential individuals in the Southern California tech scene. Back in 2010 Cameron founded Coloft, a shared workspace for early-stage tech startups, where she mentored and touched the lives of hundreds of entrepreneurs over 4 years. Coloft was home to a flourishing Uber team and many other promising early-stage companies that were destined for greatness. She paved the way for other incubators and accelerators in Santa Monica and it’s hard to imagine where the tech scene would be today without her vision and persistence.” – Kyle Hill, CEO of HomeHero

“Over the last three years I have had to privilege to work with Cameron through Startup Weekend and Coloft. Cam embraces every trait that I would want in someone to work with. Her tireless efforts to promote entrepreneurs in LA have lead to a great startup community and her name is synonymous with community.” – Nicole Provansal, Senior Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships at Angels Baseball

“Cameron is perhaps the most connected individual in the Los Angeles tech scene. She opens doors and makes meaningful introductions that can really move the needle for both early-stage and growth-stage startups. She is also a true visionary, having paved the way for other incubators and accelerators to enter LA after launching the first shared space, Coloft.” – Joshua Dubinsky, Founder & CEO at StylePull

“College life is a difficult struggle, especially when your personal and emotional life are all continuing to happen at the same time. But your speech really did make me realize how life is going to be no matter hat, but we all have a choice to determine whether we are going to stay down or get back up. By far, from all the speeches I have sat through at my school–and there has been many--yours was the most heartfelt and authentic, and I want to thank you for that. You are an amazing person, and I am extremely thankful that you took the time to come and speak to those who wanted to listen.” – Student as MSMU

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