CAM KASHANI is the Godmother of Silicon Beach, an Expert Speaker with US State Department, 3x founder, and single mom of twin boys. She’s on a mission to humanize business and her vision is a global economy that thrives on WE, not ME. Cam accelerates the success of Entrepreneurs and has worked with 4000+ Entrepreneurs and 700+ startups.


Cam cofounded LA’s first coworking space, Coloft, back in 2010. Coloft was home to over 1400 alumni, including Uber LA, Instacart, and Fullscreen.

Today, she’s on to her third company, COACCEL: The Human Accelerator, a unique 3 month program that focuses on building Powerful, Mindful Leaders (learn more here).

She’s also an Expert Speaker with the US State Department in a program that’s proven to ward off extremism, Special Advisor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship to US Ambassador and US Embassy Kuwait, sits on the Innovation Bourd Council for SoCal, Advisor at the Bixel Exchange, and most importantly, a single mom to twin boys.

Cam has worked globally with 4000+ Entrepreneurs and 700+ startups.

Cam is on a mission is to humanize business, and her vision is a global economy that thrives on “WE” as opposed to “ME”.

While Cam works with men and women, she has a deeply rooted passion for working specifically with women as she believes that women that embrace their deeply rooted power can collectively shift the energy in business, and ultimately create a harmonious environment for us all.