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I don’t want a job. I’m on a mission.

An Unreasonable Post.

I don’t post often — then I’ll have a moment of inspiration that needs to be shared with humanity. When I’m inspired, I am unreasonable. I am an entrepreneur and I believe in humanity, and I want to make the world a better place. Many say I am an accomplished entrepreneur that has already succeeded in doing this. Thank you, but I’ll never feel it’s enough. I always want to push myself further because it’s not about me. It never has been. It’s about WE. It always has been. Besides, I promised my kids, and I follow through. And now I want to play bigger.

What am I Working On?

To answer the question I hear all the time from myself and others, here’s the answer: I am on a mission. I have limited time. I have a sense of constant urgency. I am not patient. I want to see results. I believe in NOW. I am an entrepreneur. I make it happen. And I had a breakthrough in what I truly want. I don’t want to build a new company. I want to join one. I want to make a greater impact, beyond myself. Maybe I’ll build another one later, but I don’t feel that itch when there’s alignment of purpose and we can work together towards greater change. I’m driven by impact. WE achieve greater impact together. I am on a mission. My mission is us. Happy humans. I build people. Im a catalyst for change. An evangelist for belonging. If your product or service helps people feel they belong in the world, and inspires change, I want to know about it. That’s what a powerful community is: a vision for change and impact with people constantly inspiring other people to reach that, and make that change real. That’s also what a sustainable, profitable, world changing company is.

Define Purpose. Ignite Passion. Create Possibilities.

The Real Deal

You know how I went to Kuwait? Here’s what happened there in a paragraph.

In five days, and no briefing prior, I inspired a country. I had 18 interactions, from meetings to speaking engagements, and potential access to 3million people. I was there to inspire women and youth. I was there on behalf of the US State Department for a program that’s been proven to ward off extremism. I was going to make it count. I spread the message of peace in the form of power. Powerful me →Powerful we. Creation and transformation in ourselves and subsequently the world, spawns from purpose, igniting your inner badass, and erasing the fear. Whether we are building a company or building ourselves. Be bold. Be powerful. Be badass. Be you.

Last week, my message was published in Alyaqza Magazine, a publicationdistributed to 22 countries in the MENA region, as “This is my Message to the Women of the World”.

Unreasonable Cam= 22 countries. #CamKoolaid

I spread the message of peace in the form of power.

That’s the power of being driven by WE. I’m now officially an Advisor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to the US Embassy and US Ambassador. I pushed myself to limits I didn’t know my brain or body could handle (a single mom to twins just said that), and with severe jet-lag. I was inserted into situation after situation, and while I am infamously one that creates in the moment, this was a foreign country and I was called to help them. ‘Don’t think, just go’ kept going through my mind. I was not tired. I was #onfuckingfire and physics did not exist because there was a reason WAY bigger than me that I was fighting for. I was inspired by a force greater than myself. So I was consistently unreasonable in what I believed I could accomplish in that time-frame.

Now I really get the whole expression that “your thoughts create your reality.”

When we choose to apply WE to anything in life, there’s ashift in energy, interactions, results, and the possibilities that are created, simply because we look beyond ourselves.

Here’s a link to my online resume. Spread the word. Spread the love. #bethechange