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Transform How You Relate to the Mirror
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What is this program?

I created this program based on my own journey to Self-love. Read my story here or watch this brief video that explains the WHY behind Beauty of You.

Beauty of You is a guided journey that embodies deep healing and releasing, inner child work, and mirror work, all while allowing you to step into your true beauty. 

*This journey is currently for women only and offered as a one day online workshop. Apply below.

- Feeling more connected to your body
- With a renewed sense of Self
- Experiencing more unconditional Self-love 
- With a deeper connection to your inner child
- With a deeper connection to your Divine Feminine energy
- Feeling more empowered and inspired to be You
- Making more Self-honoring choices 
- With a new definition of beauty 
- With a new affirmation to help you love yourself more 
- Numerous tools to continue practicing the learnings 
- A community of amazing women who want to see you thrive 

Upcoming Dates

may - 1 - 2021


  • Cam's Beauty of You workshop provided a really beautiful, safe space to reconnect with my younger self, my body and my soul. She provided me with tools that are easy to integrate into my daily routine, which I really appreciate. I would highly recommend this workshop for those looking to deepen their relationship with themselves and for those who can benefit from redefining beauty in a way that's supportive and empowering.
    Natalie Yallouz
  • Cam's Beauty of You experience left me inspired and more confident. She created a safe, connected dialog that helped me finally unwind some previous unserving narratives about myself and cement new beliefs and tools that are much more in alignment with who I feel like I am today. What a gift. Cam is a gift. And the space she creates for her community is truly transformative.
    Krista Franks
  • Beauty of You is a transformational and empowering journey of self-exploration. Cam is an exceptional leader and teacher. She gently guides you through various exercises where you reconnect with the deepest parts of yourself. Those parts tend to get "shushed" or pushed down with the day to day responsibilities of participating in life. This journey slowed me down so I could really listen to what my inner child needed. I have incorporated this practice into my life and it has brought great comfort to me. The innate wisdom transcends through my wounding life experiences to bring me back to my wholeness and life.
    Helen Vonderheide
  • What an awesome workshop! Thank you for reminding me to honor my body and helping me to see that I can love myself without feeling the need to change a thing. I will implement the tools and rituals you provided in some way everyday, forever grateful!
    Erika Muelle
  • Cam uses a mix of patience, logic, "magic", and love to get her clients to realize and lean into their divine feminine leader. You're in for a wild ride and on the other side is a more present kick-ass woman if you want to do the work. It's worth it!
    Amanda Bender
  • Cam is great at creating intimate, safe, and guided spaces for women to dig deeper within themselves. I enjoyed the workshop, meeting the other women, and the overall experience. My biggest takeaway was how to perceive those who I feel have wronged me in the past—how to forgive them, how to make sense that things have happened for me instead of to me, and how to move on. I also took away practical ways to incorporate the practice in my everyday life.
    Amy Wan

One Day Workshop


Extended Weekend Retreat


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Workshop journey is 4 hours at $214. Retreat version (full weekend) will be announced later this year.
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